The Bangor Final of the Rotary Youth Leadership Competition

| November 14, 2017
On Wednesday 8 November, Bangor Rotary Club hosted the Bangor Final of the Rotary Ireland Youth Leadership Competition.  Earlier heats held in each of the town’s four post-primary schools had produced a pupil to represent each school. 
The photograph has James O’FeePresident of Bangor Rotary (centre), with (left to right) Archie Arran (Bangor Grammar School), Janice McDermott  (Glenlola Collegiate) , Amber Hind (Bangor Academy) and Ryan Featherstone (St Columbanus College).  
The winner, Amber Hind of Bangor Academy, goes forward later this month to represent Bangor in the Final of the Greater Belfast Zone of Rotary Ireland. 
The Final will select, through rigorous interviews, three representatives from Greater Belfast to join twenty-four representatives from the rest of the island.  Rotary will later take the entire party on a tour of the parliament buildings in both Belfast and Dublin, meeting local politicians, before taking part in the European Youth Parliament in Strasbourg. 



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