Bangor Rotary visits Killinchy

| August 24, 2022

Livingston Centre KillinchyTwenty Rotarians visited the Livingston Centre at the Killinchy Parish Church to discover more about the life and influences of the Reverend John Livington and his descendents.

Livingston Centre KillinchyGreeted by Rev. Stanley Gamble, the present Rector of the Church who was to be our guide for the day, the tour began at the gates to church, travelled through the graveyard and into the church before enjoying a visit to the Heritage Centre itself.

Livingston Centre KillinchyUsing the Church, graveyard, and Centre, Rev Gamble told us of the transatlantic story of the Livingston family.

Reverend John Livingston was the first Protestant rector of Killinchy in 1630. He was behind the building of the Eagle Wing, the first recorded attempted sailing between Ulster and America.

Livingston Centre Killinchy

The Livingston family became one of the most influential families in American history and includes Presidents, a First Lady, Congressmen, Senators, Governors, businessmen, entrepreneurs and military heroes.

Livingston Centre KillinchyThe Centre also covers other periods of history including the Celtic period, the Viking invasion, the Norman Conquest, the Ulster Plantation, 1798 Rebellion, 1859 Revival and the Ulster Covenant 1912.

Livingston Centre KillinchyAt the conclusion of the visit – and having enjoyed a fine lunch in the Centre’s Coffee Hub – President Margaret thanked Rev Gamble for his entertaining and informative tour through history. She also acknowledged the work of Rtn Barbara Boyle who had both suggested and then organised what was considered by all to be a memorable visit.

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