The day Scotland came to Bangor Rotary

| February 3, 2017

President Gavin with speaker Mark Thompson and Duncan Smith

Appropriately President Gavin was surrounded by Scottishness at the Club’s lunch on Burns Day, Wednesday 25th January.

Our speaker Mark Thompson reminded Rotarians that Burns was a popular poet in Ulster and many of the words he used in his writing would have been recognised by most local men and women who used a wheen of them everyday.

As we do even yet complaining of a skelf, the activities of a hallion or the itch of an oxter!

President Elect James with guests Mairisine Stanfield and Duncan

Setting the scene, our guests too brought their own little piece of Scotland to lunch. Duncan Smith joined us in full Smith Tartan Kilt while  was an authentic voice of the  Scotland hailing as she does from just outside of Sterling.

Alongside our usual lunch, Rotarians and guests also enjoyed Whisky and Haggis Crisps which Mark had thoughtfully provided.




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