President and Mayor on the Chain Gang

| October 13, 2016

chain-reaction-with-mayor-600x400The Mayor Ards and North Down, Alderman Deborah Girvan, visited the Club to update members on what is happening within Council and her plans for her Mayoral year.

Supporting RLI, the Samaritans and Integrated Education, the Mayor has set herself a fundraising target of £30,000.

She also explained to members that while decision making within Council can sometimes be a slow process, the new powers handed down from the Assembly will allow the Council to work closely with residents to create the place in which we all want to live, work and enjoy our lives.

Commenting on the Mayor’s visit, President Gavin said “We’re always pleased welcome the serving Mayor to the Club, but it was a particular pleasure to welcome Deborah as I know she is undertaking an ambitious programme of events during the year.

“And I want to assure members that I haven’t let the fact that her chain is bigger than mine affect my confidence in any way. In this instance at least, size doesn’t matter!”




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