Meet & Greet Teams 2022-23


If you wish to change your menu choice, please call the kitchen no later than 12 noon on 028 9127 0922 opt 4.

Notes for Meet and Greet Teams

  1. All members have been advised prior to the start of the Rotary year of the month when they are on the Meet and Greet Rota. In addition this is on the Rotary Club website. Additionally a reminder is sent the last Wednesday of the month prior to the commencement of their rota.
  2. The responsibilities associated with the Meet and Greet Rota Team,
  3. Arrive at the club no later than 12:30.
  4. Ensure one of the team is left at the door to greet visiting Rotarians or guests, whilst the other two members collect the regalia and other items required during the meeting. These are stored in the upstairs Dunlop cupboard ( lock security number 116). This will include bell, Rotary rondel, fines collection box, attendance record book, at least one Rotary Pop Up banner, leads and microphone for the lectern.
  5. Ensure all above are placed in the appropriate locations, including the lectern which normally stays in the meeting room, and join your colleagues at the door.
  6. Leave the door at the meeting start time, nominally 13:00, and join the meeting.
  7. Ensure the correct amount of lunch money is collected from each table and if there are any non paying guests the treasurer will provide payment in respect of these. Ensure the total money is correct and on completion of meeting one of the team should arrange to pay the caterers.
  8. All the regalia and associated items should be returned upstairs and the Dunlop cupboard must be locked after all items are returned (lock security number 116). Also ensure that there is no Rotary Correspondence, minutes etc. left lying on any of the tables before vacating the premises.
  9. A final reminder that if a Rotarian is unable to fill his / her rota appointment it is their responsibility to ensure they have contacted another Rotarian to stand in for them.
  10. Any questions, please contact Rotarian Jack Watson 078 0249 7441 


  • Jack Watson
  • Bill Aiken
  • Bob Jellie


  • IanWilson
  • JimMitchell
  • Raymond Boyd


  • Andrew Young
  • Patrick Cregg
  • Gavin Walker


  • Richard Eaton
  • Len Hill
  • Stanley Smith


  • Brian Wilson
  • Jack Carlisle
  • Luigi Rossetti


  • Bill Aiken
  • Bob Jellie
  • David Sloan


  • John Birch
  • Stanton Adair
  • Paul Megarity


  • Robin Mussen,   
  • Raymond Boyd,
  • Edwin Dunlop


  • James O’Fee
  • Howard Davidson,
  • Stanley Smith


  • George Lyle
  • Jane Morrice
  • Ian Wilson


  • Jack Watson
  • Andrew Young
  • Roy Rosbotham


  • Brian Balmer
  • Denis Neill
  • Barbara Boyle