Oh, what a Burns Night!!

| January 30, 2013

On Burns Night, 25 January 2013, President Bill Aiken led a great night of fun and frivolity to celebrate the “Bard’ . Dr Ian Adamson, a great Ulster-Scot hissel’, addressed and slayed the haggis which, despite its traumatic end, tasted wonderful – with neeps and tatties. All the great food, served by Scott (that’s his name not his nationality) was washed down with copious supplies of Best Scotch – from whence it came, we know not! Past President Stephen Connolly toasted ‘the lassies'(of whom there were many) and Jennifer Mussen (long suffering lassie) replied. Insults were kept to a minimum and it was declared ‘a draw’. Cleland Memorial Pipe Band providedRotary Burns Night 2013 131 a rousing end to the evening which, thanks to Michael Miller’s work , was declared “a great success” and “the best night for years”! Thanks, Rabbie and Michael!! The picture speaks for itself !!



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