Brexit Turmoil: 4 tips for business when living with uncertainty

| August 16, 2016

John-Reynard-HRWhen the news of the referendum result broke many business people felt shock. Among them successful entrepreneur and author  John Reynard.

John was one of the first Brits to go work in Europe in 1973 without the rigmarole of a work permit. Later he set up a business serving clients in Germany, France, Scandinavia and Spain and travelled regularly across the whole EU.

We face huge uncertainties. The decisions we take over the next few weeks and months will determine whether or not we make a success of Post Brexit UK or whether we drift towards disintegration and obscurity.

So how do we live with such turmoil? How do people in business ensure they make the best decisions they can when there is so much confusion?

John is author of ‘Spiritual Route to Entrepreneurial Success – From Harassed Sole Trader to Visionary CEO’ and here he offers some advice:

Resist Blaming Others

Whilst it might be tempting to blame those who voted ‘Leave’ for anything that goes wrong from now on, it will serve no purpose. Blaming others justifies inactivity. It is the coward’s way of avoiding stepping up and taking responsibility.

It’s by asking ourselves honestly and sincerely what exactly it is we need to learn from what has happened and where we are now, that we move forward. Disasters occur only when we close down and block the learning that the ‘problem’ is asking us to embrace.

Time To Turn Inwards

When we feel confused, overwhelmed, pulled in one direction and then another it is tempting to switch off and do nothing, and ultimately that can be devastating. Instead we need to connect and listen to our own Higher Self, our intuition, to find solutions beyond the cacophony of all that is happening around us.

For me the best way to connect with my Higher Self is through mediation. It calms my mind, lessens the degree to which I get distracted by fear-based thoughts. There are many forms of meditation; find the one that works for you.

Follow Your Intuition

Intuition is the voice of our Higher Self. It comes to us spontaneously with an uplifting feeling, or voice and nudges us forward in our lives. It enables us to see behind statistics and forecasts, and make useful predictions in spite of incomplete information. 

As with all skills, the more you tune in to your intuition, the better you get at recognising it and following it. We nurture our intuition by regularly absorbing ourselves in activities that take us completely away from our routine thinking, out of our heads, and into our bodies. For example, walking in nature, running, horse riding or dancing to music.

Ask Specific Questions

During meditation fresh ideas and new ways of seeing situations come spontaneously. There are times however when we need answers to specific questions. In such cases it is important to take a couple of deep breaths, close our eyes, and step back from any immediate emotional ties to the issue. Our inner voice is best at addressing questions that require a clear yes or no. Hence, we get the best results by formulating our inquiry in such a way that a yes or a no will give clarity. The right answer will always carry more vitality and enthusiasm and the first answer is usually the best one. Anything that comes later risks being influenced by our customary limiting beliefs.


John Reynard is author of the ‘Spiritual Route to Entrepreneurial Success – From Harassed Sole Trader to Visionary CEO’ See:


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