A great night for Rotary Club of Bangor

| March 3, 2015

It was a night to be proud of when Rotary Club of Bangor’s President Ian Wilson presented Prof Jim Dornan with a cheque for £800 for Tiny Life raised at the Annual Charity Breakfast, and Bangor Grammar School’s Luke McWatters (winner of the Rotary Club Young Leaders) gave an account of his experience at the EU Parliament.

Luke McWatters of Bangor Grammar School  delighted the club with his enthusiastic account of his recent visit to the EU in Strasbourg !  Luke was  part of the Irish delegation selected  by  District’s excellent Youth Leadership competition. He was the first such winner from the Bangor club for seven years.

Professor Jim Dornan the eminent obstetrician and co-founder of the charity  ‘Tiny Life’ was also a guest on Wednesday 25th, to receive our cheque for £800 towards the continuing work of his charity researching premature births and supporting  babies and parents thus affected.



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