Friends of Rotary

The following procedure is designed to help our Rotary Club spread its appeal to potential members and at the same time increase support for our Club’s social and service activities through the formation of a ‘Friends of Rotary’ group.


Many Rotary Clubs draw on friends, colleagues and relatives for support when fulfilling service or fundraising projects. Some of these people are potential members who may have been invited to join Rotary already but are unable to commit themselves for a variety of reasons.

However, they are prepared to support our ideals of service and enjoy attending our social events. It is indeed a benefit that these ‘Friends of Rotary’ are around to help us from time to time.

By keeping in touch with them on a regular basis there is a greater chance that they might wish to join Rotary in time.

Forming a ‘Friends of Rotary’Group

  • It has been confirmed by RIBI that a ‘Friends of Rotary’ group is covered by a Club’s Public Liability Insurance when ‘Friends of Rotary’ are helping with Rotary organised projects. They would not be covered if they organised their own events.

  • Friends of Rotary’ pay a small subscription to the Rotary Club of Bangor (amount to be agreed) but they are not permitted to wear the Rotary badge.

  • The best source of members for our ‘Friends of Rotary’ group is, of course, recommendation from our own members.

  • It is highly preferable to form a database of ‘Friends of Rotary’ names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail contacts. It is also preferable to keep a record of their particular interests and skills.

  • A sense of belonging and good organisation can be achieved by asking them to complete a simple application form on joining.

  • One or two members of our Rotary Club will be made ‘Friends of Rotary’ Co-ordinator/s to ensure that ‘Friends’ are on a circulation list and kept up to date with Rotary events.


A ‘Friends of Rotary’ group is intended to help attract more people to join Rotary by offering them a greater insight into what we do as Rotarians. It can also provide us with a group of people, on hand, who can help support both social and service projects.

A ‘Friends of Rotary’ group should not replace our Club’s search for people who can be attracted to join as Rotarians in the recognised way but as a meaningful and worthwhile method of building for the future.